How to get cool crunchy drum sounds?

Question: (from The Fontaines)  Gordon, you get such great, clear yet distorted drum tones. 
I know you can’t give away your secrets but…Are you gating a lot?  Sample Replacement?
Antwort- G. Raph: I  dont have secrets in music,for me music is a gift
and its infinite and we are all artists. clear?? so..
never gating ever, never sample replacing.
beta 52 inside kick

condenser outside hopefully aimed not to get too much cymbals

57 top and bottom snare

any condensers overheads one over floor tom area (right)

one over left hand crash– that mic could be Coles ribbons,

could be rode could be km82’s or akg 414..

421 Senheisser on toms

often any mic on ride just in case u need to boost it on a passage!

then two room mics _ fat condensers: U87? Rode? Audio Technica

anywhere in the room you dare to try! preferable NOT aimed where cymbals hit them hard

thats the main thing… shouldnt be a “cymbal amplifier”
Its important also that healthy, great sounding pre-amps are used.
I like API, Neve, Avalon, Telefunken and SSL – which I have a few of each in my studio.

Now in my sessions the whole band is playing in the room, and the room mics are

quite noisey and full of abrasive crappy weird sound…! uncontrolled chaos.

it can be compressed slightly on the way in, OR one can be compressed

and one not. Its not supposed to be a “pretty stereo clean image of the room”

its suposed to be chaotic ambience to mix in a little, or a lot depending

on your taste. OR use only one! (not the other) and you cantotally experiment with the

pamming of these messed up mics. you can pan on all the way right  and run it thru
a guitar amp plug in and only use a tiny bit of it, while  the second one can be use without plug in,
a bit left of center, again, in small amounts… and suddenly the drums and band get a believable
and exciting pulsing psychedelic depth.. that for me, is very alive and a bit or alot dirty
depending on what the band think.
Now if you are talking about the three really drum-machine like
tracks on Is This It…
I recorded Fab playing the drums as far apart as he could reach them
(kick, hi hat and snare only!) and didnt want any spill from
the other mics. I then processed the living hell out of each track
after it was recorded- yes, with gates, distortion and many different
dirty compressor and eq plugins. Till they were destroyed sounding!