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Gordon Raphael & The Half Full Flashes:

You insisted I could do this, so I went ahead and did! Its a self-made synthetic landscape written and pre-formed in Hollywood (Wonderland Avenue) all-by-me-sen!! Then Dave Allen added his mighty mighty Bass-lines and I tweaked it in Berlin with my Moogy Thing-a-ma-jig. Thank you for watching and listening to my song!

Number 15 in a series of basic omni-potential discorporations, musings in an abstract free-for-all meditative style. In the Golden Dawn numerology we are corresponding to Madagascar, Magenta, Persimmon, Pterodactyls, Terrah, and Queen Ethyl, a dog for all ears. From this overview we can easily see how music, mathematics and poetry conjoin to form the expressive centers of the “oversoul”. A number is not a number until it has been baked thoroughly, and set to waft in the sun, as I always say. And the same goes for a good and heady pop tune. By the way: The music on this movie is my own, and 2 guest Musiker’s appear: Michael Davidson on guitars and bass, Michael Stein on Drums; also Gordon Doucette’s basement features prominently. Merci! Filmed at the majestic and excellent Bear Creek Studio in Woodinville, Washington — Also Regent House, London, Musée du Louvre and Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris.
Letter From Jan in Berlin: “Great Work, Gordon! … and since the fire element is symbolized by the color red, I cannot help feeling a slight affinity to this one … Love, JB x

“Your best video yet. Like a Physcadelic message from the golden era of America”– Cody Blakeney (musician/producer from Boerne, Texas)

To all genders, blenders and strummers of Gibsons: Here is Würlde Premier of my latest VIDEO!I know many of you are phainting right now, and especially the ones that super-dig my latest gardening movie. But THIS one will really make your eyelids crunchy and your ear-frames pulsate wildly! Have too much funn mit dis!!! I shure did whilst editing it in the Tehachapi Mountains this summer.

I wrote this song on the balcony of my hotel room at the Continental Riot House on Sunset Boulevard, way back on the first trip I ever made to Hollywood. While the night sky was hazy and all lit up, the real stars seemed to be the crazies and beauties walking around on the sidewalk below. I was very inspired and this antique, curved Mandolin that I borrowed from Kenneth V. Weller was simply gorgeous. I felt like the whole world was right in front of me, and I could float up right into the warm night air.

(update Dec 23, 2011) wow…. I just got this amazing email today, directly related to this video, and I will to share it with you!!! Thank you– (G. Raph)

Hi Gordon –
Over the past week I’ve had a very interesting set of circumstances present themselves to me that partially have to do with you. Thought I’d share…
Last week I sold a mandolin Ken gave me several years ago that he had gotten in high school from Mr. Poulschock the orchestra teacher at Sammamish. I sold it to a guy at Georgetown Music in Seattle. After a bit of conversation about the mandolin, we were magically led to the realization that 37 years ago, HE had swapped this very same mandolin for a classical guitar with a man that turns out to be Mr. Poulschock. Clearly, the universe brought me to him on this day to give him back his mandolin! Weird! Cool! THEN, I happened to see your FB post of the holiday song video you made. I watched it and then saw the thumbnails that popped up indicating other songs you had recorded and posted to YouTube. I thought, hey, let’s give one of these a listen for fun. One was called “Mandolin Song.” I click on it, then am blown away to find that this song was written using the same mandolin from my story! Your comments (both in the video description and at the end of the video on the screen) about the magic of the moment of writing the song, and the sense that “anything is possible” gave me the interpretation I was looking for. My symbol for the new year and all its amazing possibilities will be a roundback mandolin! Cheers! – Laura Weller Vanderpool

I had the joy of recording these guys in London several times, and they even played on Regina Spektor’s
stunning debut album Soviet Kitsch after I introduced them! koooool,

The Kaleidoscopes Trailer 1 from Gordon Raphael on Vimeo.

Absinthee in New York, documentary about life in Transporterraum Studio and rock stardom?


Eye have officially lost the plot with this film, It all started with an idea to make something very tripped out and hallucinogenic without using and drugs. But eye started to feel lightheaded anyway, and a bit colour-dizzy. Eye hope you like it too. Making movies with music is a fiendishly fun thing to do. ThankYou to the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.

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